Parallax Propeller C3


The Parallax Credit Card Computer - C3 - is a multifunction Propeller developement board. In addition to the the Propeller microcontroller, the board has audio/video ports, a micro SD card slot, 64KB SPI SRAM, 2 SPI A/D converters, and other hardware peripherals. The board can be programmed and also powered via USB. The C3 was designed by Parallax and Andre LaMothe of Nurve Networks LLC.

I was contacted to create some programs for the Parallax C3 board. Since it contained the Propeller microcontroller, I decided to port over a number of existing Propeller applications so users can have a large variety of software ready to use. I contacted different authors and ported the following software: Boulderdash, Dodgey Kong, Fantasy Fighter, Grid Runner, Load Runner, and Unterwelt. I have also ported over my prior games of Ball Buster, Spinpong, Spintris, and X-Racer. These programs can be downloaded at

I also created some new programs for the C3 listed below:


This is an action adventure game that I finished about year after the C3 was released. You play the roll of an adventurer who has to return the 6 mystical treasures to the castle and save the kingdom. The enemies and treasures are randomly placed in the world so each game is different.
Download here

This was a joint effort by myself and Doug Dingus. Doug started the port of this game a few years ago and I picked it up and completed it. This is a 1 or 2 player game where you have to move your Chicken across the road as many times as you can before time runs out.
C3 SD Card Bootloader

This is a bootloader for the C3 that can load Propeller applications off of the micro SD card. What makes this bootloader unique is along with the Propeller binary files there are text files to give a short desciption or instructions for each Propeller program.