Pico Fun!

Here is the Pico kit from www.xgamestation.com

All the programs on here are created for the Pico kit (which at the heart is an SX28 chip from Parallax running at 80mhz). This was something that I worked on as hobby project to learn about hardware and generating a video signal. All the screenshots are taken from Pico hardware hooked up to a PC with a video capture card


With the new year I have figured out how to do this color nonsense by wiring up the kit for S-Video. I used the video out as the luma and audio out as the chroma.

I have cleaned up some things, increased resolution to 120 pixels(with 12 on each side as overscan). It is still pretty buggy but it is making progres.

I now have a breakout game running on the kit. The logic took me a little longer to get working because I would keep forgetting that when different status registered are set or cleared it would effect compairing, adding, subtracting, etc. But it works at the ultra low resolution of 97 horizontal pixels by 240 pixels. My next step is to redo the graphics kernal so I can get a higher resolution and better organize it.

I now have tiled graphics with a choice of 32 tiles
112x120 pixel resolution
14x15 Character resolution
36 cycles per pixel

Fixed the bug and it draws the characters correctly. I had to clear the carry bit before a compair/jump/equal since I was shifting a register that stored the character graphic for a row.
I have also optimized it so it is only 13 cycles a pixel(with 3 cycles a pixel to pad out the signal). This gives a 256x240 pixel resolution. The screenshot above is 210 resolution and I did not post the new one because the capture card wouldn't give me a clean capture at that resolution.

Tile graphics working, almost
For some reason, sometimes it looks for a 9th line in the chararcter tile?
210x253 pixel resolution
20 cycles a pixel.

Vertical raster bars, 202x252 pixel resolution
20 cycles a pixel.

Raster bars created by the pico kit